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  1. @florynn84 contra...
  2. what is the reason for ban?
  3. 1) NO ADMIN CAN GIVE GAG MORE THAN 10 MIN! 2) While i was playing @COLONEASAask me many times to verify some players and they didnt have WH/aim they were just lucky guys. And if you ask from admin to verify then the admin IS Watching the player first and if he think he has AIm/wh he make SS or ask For WG. Next please Have EXPIRIENCE and he know what he is Doing. and you dont need to post many post bro, you can Edit your post.
  4. I want to add somthing to what Sm0kie said. 2 weeks ago i add a new plugin that show how long the Member is online on forum, for example i was online 4 hours. If smokie will agree i want to add if somine will visit the forum for a High time he will recive also premium @Sm0kie
  5. ELROI C.Z

    Slot VIP

    Coloneasa csn you send us wg ?
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