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Server Skin's Problam

Change skins

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    Hello guy's!!!
    In the last few weeks I discovered a problem that I figured it a few days ago that it has for others.
    The Low FPS.
    If i play with the AWP my FPS is going down To 17-29 Fps.
    And its happens the same with the KNiFE,same situation--Low Fps.
    The low fps is only with those Skins(Awp,Knife/lame)
    In other servers i have 100.5 FPS
    I download a Awp Skin to see if it wil Change my FPS and i saw that is not changing(i will send this skin here later)
    2)the low FPS effect on the amount of players that Entering the game .
    I be glad if you can change this skins To another .

    this is the awp model link-----  

    Please Login HERE or Register HERE to see this link!

    this is good skin with fps -80-100.5


    skin knife/lame ----

    Please Login HERE or Register HERE to see this link!

    That was the lastest skin on sv....

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